Adventures of a Local Racer

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 6 and June13 updates

Raced at Pike County Speedway on June 6th.Tried some different things with the car and I think we're going in the right direction now.Very dry slick race track so you had to race the track more than the competition.Just managed to stay out of trouble and tip toed around to a 2nd place finish behind Richard Guidry.Learned alot to try at BRR on the 13th.
Had a good night at BRR on the 13th.Started 3rd in the feature and finished a strong 2nd to Michael Sibley after a heck of a race with Sibley, Kenneth Crowe and Richard Guidry.We raced hard and swapped positions the whole race without touching,people say it was the best race they saw in a while.It was fun from where i sat.Got my nose under Sibley's quarter panel at the checkered flag so it was a close finish.Most fun I had racing this year so far i think.Well,gonna head back to BRR on the 20th and hopefully have another good night.

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