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Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 6 and June13 updates

Raced at Pike County Speedway on June 6th.Tried some different things with the car and I think we're going in the right direction now.Very dry slick race track so you had to race the track more than the competition.Just managed to stay out of trouble and tip toed around to a 2nd place finish behind Richard Guidry.Learned alot to try at BRR on the 13th.
Had a good night at BRR on the 13th.Started 3rd in the feature and finished a strong 2nd to Michael Sibley after a heck of a race with Sibley, Kenneth Crowe and Richard Guidry.We raced hard and swapped positions the whole race without touching,people say it was the best race they saw in a while.It was fun from where i sat.Got my nose under Sibley's quarter panel at the checkered flag so it was a close finish.Most fun I had racing this year so far i think.Well,gonna head back to BRR on the 20th and hopefully have another good night.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 9,2009 Results from Baton Rouge Raceway

Had 12 cars at BRR and we drew dead last for our starting position.That put us starting 5th in the second heat.We wound up 4th after some real close and exciting racing.This gave us a 7th place starting spot in the feature.Well,I missed the set up a little bit again.The track was really slick and I didn't tighten the car up near as much as I should have,so I had a handfull in the feature.We actually wasn't as bad as I feared we would be,and actually worked our way up to 3rd at one point,but the right rear tire couldnt take any more and i lost the little bit of grip that I had,plus made a bad judgement and changed my line up the last few laps and lost a couple spots.So,we wound up 5th at the end,not too bad I guess,considering it was an uphill battle all night.Oh well,I'm learning,just gotta get better at making the right chassis adjustments,I always do too much or not enough,so I'll figure it out soon i hope.We'll regroup and get ready for Pike County Speedway next weekend,hopefully We'll have good news after that one.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 9,2009 Results

Had 8 cars at Pike County lastnight,wish we had more cars but it's all still fun.Track was really dry slick in hotlaps,so we made some adjustments for the heat race.They rewet the track and it held more moisture than i figured it would so the car was pretty tight.Just rode it out for a 6th place finish and made some more adjustments for the feature.The changes we made got the car a whole lot better.We started 6th and finished 4th after a good battle with Alex Ashley in the #9 car.Learned alot of what to do and not to do,just cant seem to get a grip at PCS,but we'll just keep trying.Headed back to Baton Rouge Raceway on the 16th,so we'll try to rebound and get us another good finish.Thinkin about going to some bigger races this summer if we keep having some decent runs,so we'll just wait and see.